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Unlock Your Marketing Potential : 3 Strategies With Meta's Threads

Hey Twitter, remember when you asked Meta who the other guy was and they said “ Don’t worry about it?”. Turns out they were working on Meta Threads.

Meta threads Meme.

What is Meta Threads?

This highly anticipated Twitter alternative, Threads, has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming the fastest adopted app to date. With the aim to spark conversations, or ‘threads’ if you will, it allows for a wider range of content sharing: higher word count (up to 500 words), images, videos (up to 5 minutes), links, GIFs, locations, replies, polls, and is a great way to bring the authenticity and “raw” content style that we know Gen Z’s love to see.

It’s also worth noting our Meta Threads account is linked directly to your Instagram, meaning creating an account couldn’t be easier - data such as account name, bio and following, can be pulled across if you wish. In fact, your Threads account can’t exist without your Instagram account, and sneakily but strategically, you’re unable to delete your Threads account unless you delete your Instagram as well.

Social media managers, brands and marketing teams have been equally excited, intimidated, and overwhelmed with yet another platform to add to their content plans, and it’s easy to see how. In this blog post, we’re breaking down Meta Threads and how you can use it in your content plan, where to focus your energies and some ideas to get you started.

3 Ways To Leverage Meta Threads For Your Brand


You can share most styles of content on Threads:

  • Text: Up to 500 characters.

  • Photos and videos: Up to 5 minutes in length.

  • Links: To websites, articles, or other content.

  • Questions: To your friends and followers.

  • Quotes: From books, articles, or other sources.

  • Polls: To ask your friends and followers for their opinions.

  • Events: That you’re attending or hosting.

  • Stickers, GIFs, and location tags.

  • Replies to other people’s posts.

Meta Threads is informal and conversational - share behind the scenes, knowledge, experience, solutions, exclusive promotional offers, or funny relatable content that motivates your audience to share their opinions. It’s a great way for marketers to attract and retain users and organically drive them to your Instagram page or website to ultimately boost awareness and conversion.

You’re going to get the most traction creating engaging content that triggers a conversation, whether that’s a re-post or share, or even just adding your voice to existing threads.


Sharing engaging content that resonates with your target audience is the first step, but creating interactive chains of communication, not just between the brand or user and their audience, but also between the audience themselves is where you will thrive on Meta Threads.

Ongoing conversations between users can spark in-depth discussions and build authentic relationships between users that can foster like-minded communities. This idea of real-time collaboration is what sets Threads apart from other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok (Twitter…not so much!). These communities foster a sense of belonging for users and make them feel a part of something to essentially boost brand loyalty leading to increased brand advocacy. Because of this, you can be a little cheekier in your tone of voice, perhaps a bit more behind the scenes and less polished than you would be on Instagram.

Some people describe Meta Threads as a ‘chaotic group chat’, but hey, being the centre of attention in a group chat could be the perfect way to lead people towards your Instagram, website, and conversion. And no one wants to be left out of the group chat.

Funny Meta Threads example.
Credit: @Gymshark


Finally, Meta Threads can be used for businesses to streamline communication with their audience, fans, customers or clients. We all know social media bridges the gap between end-consumers and brands, celebrities with fans, influencers with followers and the list goes on.

You can jump on an Instagram live, or flame react to your favourite brand’s Instagram stories, but nothing will quite mimic an online conversation like threads will. From a brand’s perspective, utilising Threads as a means of communication can particularly help small businesses in answering FAQs, booking queries, resolving customer issues, sharing recruitment opportunities, or business updates. The flip side of this is ensuring someone will always be there to reply.

At the end of the day, the social media landscape is overcrowded and adding another app into the mix is the last thing marketers want to hear. If you plan to use Threads, the goal should be to spark conversations, foster like-minded communities and engage with your audience meaningfully. There are definitely ways in which brands can leverage Threads to boost brand awareness, BUT in saying this, think about what resources you have and ensure to stay on top of the conversations to make sure there is a payoff.


If you’d like to have a chat about Threads, slide into our dms over at @glowbrightmarketing on Instagram, or if you like to keep it old school, drop us a line at


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