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Repurposing Your Content

As marketers, we’re always looking to make the most out of our ideas. We love being creative and thinking outside the box.

With the range of social platforms at our fingertips, we should always aim to share the thoughtful and engaging content we create to as many people as possible. Repurposing your content where appropriate - whether this is for different social channels, long-form to short-form, audio to visuals, design to copy etc. will allow you to do so, in the most efficient way possible.

But before we dive in, let’s get one thing straight. Repurposing content is NOT a way to cheat the system, we aren’t talking about grabbing an old Instagram post, reposting it 3 months later and calling it a day. The last thing you want is your audience feeling that your content is repetitive. It’s a mix of tweaking, re-designing, re-working, re-shaping, re-distributing, and essentially giving new life to a great idea to maximise your content and yield a higher reach.

Blue diagram of repurposing content ideas.

A very important question to ask yourself when repurposing content is...does this create new value to my audience?

Let’s paint the picture with an example.

We’ve created an exciting report recapping business highlights to post on our website in the style of a blog. Overall, it’s quite lengthy but consists of a range of amazing content touching on business milestones, statistics and thought leadership copy. For some audiences, it’s perfect - they have all the information they need, with all background, data and relevant content they’re interested in.

One way we could repurpose the content from this blog is by grabbing the primary points and data and turning it into an infographic for Instagram. Before we do this, let’s ask ourselves, is this creating new value for my audience?

In this case, yes.

Some readers may only be interested in the primary messaging, key facts and stats. So through an infographic, we are creating simple content that is easier to digest for our viewers, showing how our original content can provide value to a wider group of people.

Let’s dive into some more ways to repurpose content and get the most out of your creativity, time, blood, sweat and tears!

6 Ways To Strategically Repurpose Your Content

  1. Turn copy into videos or videos into copy! E.g., create a TikTok video from a topic you wrote about in a recent blog post or vice versa.

  2. Grab an old blog post and build on it with new updates surrounding the topic. The world is moving so fast, particularly in the world of technology and the most effective way to do something on Excel, InDesign, TikTok or Meta Ads will likely be different in a matter of months!

  3. Use data from white papers, reports (financial or sustainability) to create attention grabbing infographics for social media or email marketing campaigns.

  4. Use podcast content to create a short-form video and post it as a teaser to create hype ahead of releasing an episode.

  5. Agencies can use their past work with clients to develop case studies or share snippets on their socials for their own brand (with the client’s consent of course!)

  6. Grab themes or quotes from blog posts and transform them into graphics or designs for email marketing campaigns or social media posts.

There are many ways we can add value to our customers, clients, or audience through repurposing our content, it’s a great technique for marketers and can essentially save you some thinking time along the way.

Remember, maximise your hard work and ensure your original, well thought out content is seen and heard by as many people as possible!


If you’d like to have a chat about repurposing content, slide into our dms over at @glowbrightmarketing on Instagram, or if you like to keep it old school, drop us a line at


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