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Glow Bright Marketing is a Patron of The British Beauty Council

We are thrilled to announce that Glow Bright Marketing is now a proud patron of the British Beauty Council. As a company dedicated to marketing beauty brands with integrity and purpose, we couldn't be more excited to align ourselves with an organisation that shares our values and commitment to positive change within the beauty industry.

Close up of a woman feat. British Beauty Council Logo
Source: British Beauty Council

Why The British Beauty Council 

The British Beauty Council is a non-profit organisation committed to being the voice of the beauty industry as it addresses collective challenges by generating conversation with the government.

The British Beauty Council's Value of Beauty Report sparked our initial interest back in 2019. This insightful piece was the first of its kind that highlighted the value of the personal care industry and established an economic footprint for the industry. 

What It Means To Us

The British Beauty Council relies on the support of patrons to sustain its efforts to foster positive transformation within the beauty industry. Through industry reports or educational initiatives, the active participation of patrons is essential for the ongoing growth and achievement of the organisation's goals. Becoming a patron marks a milestone in our business, as we are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate and amplify the missions of the British Beauty Council. We look forward to this next stage for Glow Bright, actively participating in shaping the future of beauty.

How Can We Support

As we embark on this journey as patrons, we look forward to collaborating with fellow British Beauty Council patrons and members to foster a more inclusive, sustainable, and innovative beauty landscape for generations to come. It not only aligns with our core values and mission as a company but also provides us with an opportunity to make a meaningful impact within the beauty industry. We are committed to supporting the British Beauty Council's key pillars and are eager to collaborate on initiatives that promote diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility within the beauty sector.

As a marketing agency specialising in hair and beauty businesses, Glow Bright Marketing is uniquely positioned to amplify the voices of the British Beauty Council and its initiatives. Through strategic campaigns, content creation, and community engagement, we will work hand-in-hand with the British Beauty Council to promote their mission and drive positive change within the industry.

Whether it's raising awareness about sustainable beauty practices or advocating for greater inclusivity and representation, we are dedicated to leveraging our expertise and resources to support the British Beauty Council's goals and objectives.


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