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Advantages To A Small Business Marketing Agency - Is Biggest Always Best?

It’s natural to think the bigger the agency, the better - they deal with more clients, meaning more money and more success… right?

A group of young people working in a small business marketing agency.

However, in many situations, this isn’t always the case. Hiring a small business marketing agency has its own set of advantages that will truly make you question the statement, is biggest always best?

For a lot of global, fast moving companies, they need agile, flexible and extremely attentive teams. And on the other hand, a lot of small companies look for more of an extension of their team. A personal relationship with affordability still at the backbone of their decision making.

All of which areas small marketing or creative agencies thrive in. Let’s take a deeper look.

3 Benefits To Hiring A Small Business Marketing Agency


Rather than being just another number amongst a sea of clients, think of small agencies as an extension of your team. Not only will the account managers know the client’s names, but expect everyone at the agency to know your name too. Smaller agencies take an extremely personable approach as their time is spent across less clients therefore more dedicated time, energy and brain power to focus on you. Given a smaller pool of clients, smaller agencies tend to be more responsive to last minute queries and changes that will inherently arise throughout the duration of your projects.

It’s typical for small business marketing agencies to get to know you and how your business works on a deeper level so naturally, your needs and requests are met with a unique approach.

Put simply, with fewer projects, comes more attention.


Outsourcing areas of your business is the first step (check our recent blog post ‘How to know if you should outsource your marketing’).

But it should come at no surprise that the financial side of your business will continue to determine the decisions and investments you plan to make. So hiring a small business marketing agency will generally (we say this loosely), cost you less money. Why? There are less overhead costs involved with running a small marketing agency so they’re essentially offering a more affordable and competitive price for specialised services, the same services being offered by larger companies as well.

Typically, they’ll have fewer clients and less complex projects allowing them to become more efficient and thus cost-effective (if billed on hours).


Arguably the most important advantage of hiring a small business marketing agency lies in their flexibility. Technology, markets, social media landscapes, trends, and preferences, continue to change rapidly, and in a small agency there are significantly less barriers to face when things don’t go according to plan.

Larger agencies can be more ‘by the book’ with extra paper work, politics and levels of approval making it difficult to react and respond quickly. Minimising these roadblocks creates a more streamlined decision making process which often exists in smaller agencies and can be a huge advantage when time is of the essence!

Similarly, smaller agencies are likely to bounce in and out of their scope of work, we can move up-down, side to side, and go that extra mile when it comes to meeting demands.

Some of the above may be a generalisation as ultimately every agency takes a different approach. But in essence, this is how we see ourselves working and I’m sure many smaller agencies would agree.

Small Business Marketing agencies have that little something extra…whether it’s their flexibility, attentiveness or affordability, they carve out the time to make you feel that you’re more than just another account, and in fact, you’re playing on the same team.


Like what you hear… contact us here or slide into our dms at @glowbrightmarketing to have a chat about how a small powerhouse agency like us can help you level up your business.


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