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How To Go Viral On TikTok Harnessing The Power Of The Tube-Girl

You may have heard of “Tube- Girl”, a young person who is storming your social feeds with her hair blowing in - not the wind- but the tube.

Sabrina Bahsoon has been making headlines for her energetic dance routines on London’s most popular mode of transport, using trending catchy lyrics and quick self-filmed focus angles to bring life into those dreary tube rides. It seems so simple, but is the prime example of how to go viral on TikTok and has brought Bahsoon to 14.8M Likes on TikTok and sought-after contracts with Mac Cosmetics.

As marketers, it’s very likely that we’ve been asked to create a viral TikTok, or posted our latest Reel and crossed our fingers, praying that the algorithm Gods would work in our favour. Let’s look at what made Tube Girl different and what we can take away for our own marketing strategies.

Capitalise On Viral Trending Sounds

There’s no doubt that Bahsoon’s dance moves, sound choice and strategic zoom-ins are like a magic wand to our brains. We love watching things that give us a sense of satisfaction (We know you’ve watched with fascination at least one Dr Pimple Popper video).

Bahsoon times her dancing and sound so well that it keeps us hooked; the attention to detail yet organic carefree nature of Bahsoon’s videos are what keep her fans coming back.

For your social media, why not take advantage of a trend that’s going around at the moment, remove all expectations, and just have fun?

To Go Viral On TikTok, Be Brave

If you live in London, you know that peak hour tube times are not something anyone looks forward to. It’s often hot, sweaty, crowded and full of people who look tired and eager to get home. It’s a place where people keep to themselves, read a book or play games on their phones to pass the time.

While not all of us have had the privilege to see Bahsoon in action, we can imagine that seeing someone use the tube as their personal wind machine while exuding complete joy and fun would be very out of the ordinary, and hence the prime example of how to go Viral on tiktok.

Seeing the support for Bahsoon and even the legions of fans she has amassed, why not take a second to see how you can bring the extraordinary back into your marketing? If dancing in public isn’t your thing, there are other ways to interact with the public for marketing campaigns. Pop-ups are a great way to share your message, and experiment with marketing activations such as spin-to-win wheels, free sampling and more.

Inspire Others

There is something that people are attracted to on social media when there doesn’t seem to be an ulterior motive. In an age where self-promotion and hidden agendas often dominate the digital landscape, individuals like Bahsoon stand out as beacons of genuine connection.

Bahsoon’s videos spread joy and laughter, but more importantly inspire others to take a chance to be themselves. Beyond the laughter, Bahsoon's content serves as an inspirational catalyst, encouraging others to seize the opportunity to embrace their true selves. In a world that frequently demands conformity, Bahsoon's unapologetic authenticity empowers countless viewers to break free from societal constraints and embrace their individuality.

Why not take the opportunity to find a not-for-profit whose values align to your own and support them with a campaign? Or sharing something personal about yourself and your team, such as special skills or something vulnerable that can give others the opportunity to connect?


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