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New Branding & Website

The Client

Introducing AB Beauty Recruitment and Consultancy, they are spas, salons trusted partners for cost-effective recruitment solutions in the UK beauty industry. With over 30 years of combined experience, they ensure your business finds the perfect match for its staffing needs.

The Challenge 

The AB team had a vision for their brand but needed assistance in translating it into tangible elements. Looking to craft a new logo, colour scheme, and overall visual identity to capture their essence and resonate with their audience.

Our Solution

Glow Bright Marketing collaborated closely with the AB Beauty Recruitment team to actualize their vision for a revamped brand identity and online presence. 


  • This involved crafting a brand new website that not only showcased their services but also reflected their unique ethos and values. 

  • From conceptualising the design to implementing user-friendly features, we ensured the website was both visually appealing and highly functional.

  • Undertaking a comprehensive branding overhaul, working hand-in-hand with AB Beauty Recruitment to develop a fresh, cohesive look and feel that resonated with their target audience. 

  • Refining the logo, colour palette, typography, and overall brand aesthetic to create a memorable and professional image in the competitive beauty industry.

The Result 

Through close collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, Glow Bright Marketing helped AB Beauty Recruitment bring their vision to life, positioning them for success in their market.

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