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ELEMIS Trade Shows 

The Client

Elemis, the #1 Luxury British Skincare brand, excels at beauty trade shows for networking, brand visibility, and product launches. Attending trade shows provides excellent opportunities to connect with industry professionals, showcase innovations, and unveil new products to an engaged audience.

The Challenge 

The space designed to showcase Elemis to the spa and salon industry needed to be visually striking and practical. It needed to include a retail space, meeting areas, a VIP section, and zones for facials and education. The need to have captivating displays and interactive features to engage visitors, while market insights were gathered and brand loyalty fostered.


This needed to be a multifunctional space and serve as a dynamic platform for strengthening partnerships, gaining market traction, and driving business growth in the competitive beauty industry.

Our Solution

Glow Bright Marketing played a pivotal role in ensuring Elemis's success at trade shows by orchestrating a seamless flow that met all brand needs while delivering high impact.


What we did: 

  • Meticulously crafted the booth layout, incorporating Elemis's branding elements and product displays to maximise visibility and allure. 

  • Facilitated engaging interactions with attendees, orchestrating product demonstrations, and educational sessions to showcase Elemis's expertise.

  • Orchestrated VIP experiences, fostering valuable connections and brand loyalty.

  • Using strategic approaches to ensure Elemis stood out amidst competition and drove foot traffic.

The Result 

Glow Bright Marketing's strategic planning and execution ensured Elemis's standout presence and success at the trade show, effectively boosting brand visibility and forging meaningful connections.

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