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Chichester Salon Build

The Client

Beauty Secrets demonstrates unwavering dedication and loyalty to its customers and community. With a steadfast commitment to providing excellent service, Beauty Secrets aimed to expand its renowned Beauty Spa brand to the Chichester area, ensuring that residents have convenient access to top-tier beauty treatments and services.

The Challenge 

Beauty Secrets undertook an ambitious project to transform a mirror shop into a luxurious beauty salon. Looking to redesign the space to prioritise their customers and accommodate the treatments offered, including facials, massages, nails and other body treatment care services.

Our Solution

At Glow Bright Marketing, we were thrilled to contribute to the opening of Beauty Secrets' Chichester location. Collaborating closely with the architects and builders, we helped create a stunning five-room salon. Our focus was on ensuring that every detail of the design promoted a serene and welcoming atmosphere.


We wanted every customer to feel valued and pampered from the moment they stepped inside. Through our efforts, we aimed to establish a luxurious environment that reflected Beauty Secrets' commitment to excellence and personalised care. The result is a premier destination for beauty and relaxation that we are proud to have helped bring to life.

The Result 

After successfully launching Beauty Secrets in Chichester, our strategic marketing efforts played a pivotal role in making a significant impact within the local community and captivating online audiences.


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