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Boosting Email Open Rates

Optimising Email Campaigns

The Client

Luminis Beauty Spa is an oasis of tranquillity with a widespread presence across the UK. Known for its luxurious ambience and premium services, each location offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Challenge 

Luminis aims to optimize their email marketing strategy, aiming to increase click-through rates, expand their reach to the target audience, and drive profitability through their email campaigns.

Our Solution

Glow Bright developed and implemented a proven email marketing strategy that is monthly optimized to maximize the return of investment. 


What we did: 

  • A/B test subject lines, layouts, compelling creative and copywriting to further understand and refine customers understanding 

  • Use UX best practices in crafting emails, including, mobile-friendly design, personalization fields, succinct and transparent content and compelling calls to action for maximum impact. 

  • Create conversion driven email sequences that cater to each customers journey and triggered by customers actions. 

  • Links were optimized for conversion tailoring structure, placement and messaging to actively encourage user engagement and action as well as leveraging other platforms for cross-promotion, expanding reach, and fostering deeper audience interaction.

The Results


Open rate resulting in growth and stability, achieving double the industry benchmark of 21.33% in 2023.


Increased Click Through Rate.


Increase in social followers through email


Conversion rate across 2023 ranking in Klaviyo’s 91st percentile for business using the platform.

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